I specialize in making yoga accessable to all bodies. Yoga can help with whatever is going on in your body; old injuries, chronic issues, feeling stiff or tight or out of balance.  The practice meets us where we are.  My classes are not "one size fits all". I tailor the practice to the bodies in the room.  

I come from an Iyengar yoga background, so alignment is very important to me. Not only does it keep our bodies moving safely, it also gives the mind enough to focus on that the mental chatter has a chance to quiet down.  

Though I come from a rather strict lineage, my teaching a practice are much more playful and wiggly than a pure Iyengar class.  In my classes, expect to laugh and wiggle your booty.  I find that geting a little silly and playful can allow the body and mind to find freedom. Wiggling is a good counter to the perfectionism that is so normalized in our culture. 

I like to think of my style as "Middle Path Yoga"; not too hard, and not too soft.  After class you will feel relaxed, refreshed, and maybe just a little bit sore (in a good way). 

I started teaching in 2006, after completeing my 200 hour Yoga Alliance training at Piedmont Yoga Studio.  My primary teachers were Richard Rosen, Clare Finn, and Rodney Yee.  

After a few years of teaching, I wanted more training so I could better serve my students. I completed my 500 hour Yoga Alliance training at Yoga Tree SF.  My primary teachers were Chrisandra Fox Walker and Jason Crandel. 

I am deeply grateful to all my teachers, on and off the mat.