Betty M.

I came to yoga searching for connection. I have been doing yoga in my home and at another studio for over 5 years. I was frustrated and upset with other yoga classes because even though they SAID your practice is your own, and breathing is the most important thing in yoga, their practice was not what they preached. Each class felt like a fitness program. I can't stand those anymore. Suzanne's Iyengar classes bring me home to myself.

Suzanne is the greatest! I love her teaching because she is so enthusiastic about yoga and her enthusiasm comes from her heart. She loves all kinds of bodies and I feel appreciated and well loved in her class. It has changed my whole attitude on how I fit into my body, how my body fits with me, and how that fits into the world. That brings me more joy than I have recently known.

Thank you, Suzanne, from all of me!


Henry B.

I've been a student of Suzanne's for about 4 years.  For me it's all about maintaining and improving my flexibility, balance and the peace of mind that comes with being in touch with my body.  I get all of this in Suzanne's class.  Suzanne is a wonderful instructor; always patient and clear with her instructions.  She takes to heart the fact that all our bodies are different.  She is so helpful and willing to adjust a particular position and movement to the level and ability of each class member.



Jane A.

Suzanne pays attention to my particular needs, and helps me address them in her class, and in my home practice.  She is able to meet me at my level of practice, and help me to deepen and grow through yoga. She is grounded in the richness of the Iyengar yoga tradition, but also open to innovations.  I have been struck by the way she continues to grow in her practice, and then use what she learns with her students.  Most recently, she has brought the lessons she's learned from a human anatomy class to her students. Suzanne embodies respect for the ancient yoga traditions, and openness to their ongoing development.  She also brings a light spirit and sense of humor to her teaching.  I have practiced with her for about five years, and will continue to do so as long as she teaches.